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The Judas Tree (1992) 

Music for the ballet by Kenneth MacMillan. Commissioned by the Royal Opera House. 

THE JUDAS TREE was given its first performance in March 1992. Kenneth MacMillan died in October 1992, and the ballet had a second run of

performances at the Royal Opera House in January 1993. Thereafter, it went on tour (in 1993) to Paris and Frankfurt. In 1994, the Judas Tree was performed at Orange County, California, and at the Metropolitan Opera in New York.

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“The score by Brian Elias...matches and drives forward the action. Yet it is, in its own right, a composition that deserves concert performance.”

The Guardian, 21 March, Mary Clarke.

“Brian Elias’s fabulous score, strongly textured, moving purposefully through passages of violence and calm, seems to have unleashed Macmillan’s dance imagination.”

The Independent, 21 March, Sue Gaisford.

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